Breakbulk and Out-of-Gauge solutions

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Breakbulk and Out-of-Gauge solutions


Proven Shipping provides Global Breakbulk and Out-of-Gauge solutions for the Project Cargo Management, no matter for heavy lift cargo, or for oversized cargo than a standard container. Our 40 plus years of shipping oversized freight forwarding expertise project cargo logistics team can plan and execute loadings, and to assure you of maximum safety and security for every cargo project.


Our tailor-made solutions ensuring a safe and secure handling of the cargo.
We are focused on loss and claim prevention, enabling a safe and smooth delivery.

Break Bulk shipments like yachts, masts, industrial machines,etc we arrange a bed of flat racks with a large number of lashing points to transport cargos exceeds the size and/or weight of a standard container.

Cargo is loaded and secured onto platform, single flat rack or open top unit.

Our experts assure you of a tailor-made solution for a safe and secure delivery.

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